Are you feeling stressed from work, tense from travel, or just looking to receive
a massage to help you unwind? You're in luck! We are here to help.

A licensed massage therapist will arrive at your home or hotel and
provide you with a relaxing massage in the comfort and privacy of your room.

Allow yourself to drift away into a world of bliss while a massage therapist
eases your stress and applies just the right pressure to just the right muscles.
Take a deep breath and're in good hands.

We provide quality massage services to Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

Whether you are sore and jet-lagged from being on a plane, stiff from sitting at a desk all day,
or are just looking to reward yourself and feel good, the massage services of Hotel Massage 4 U are just for you!

We have something for everyone!

Make your massage reservation by calling 202.644.6304 or
send an e-mail to

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